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Royal Search Partners LLC

Royal Search Partners LLC is a contingency and retainer based search firm. We approach the client relationship as a partnership. Through that partnership, our consultant takes direction from the client to formulate the best strategy on talent acquisition for their organization. We offer a wealth of recruiting experience within the industrial markets including, but not limited to the placement of operations, research and development, engineering, sales, accounting, marketing, human resource and executive level positions. By utilizing our services your organization will have an "competitive advantage" when it comes to talent acquisition.

The Royal Process

It`s important to have an established process in place when securing top talent. Through successfully completing hundreds of searches, we`ve developed a keen understanding on how to recruit top talent and help you achieve outstanding results.

Phase 1 – Starting the search

  1. Develop the key message.
    Discussion of current market position, view of competitors, organizational/reporting structure, corporate culture and management style.

  2. Define requirements for the search.
    Full discussion of the specific requirements for this search. This will result in written search assignment (i.e., position requirements, roles and responsibilities, benefits and compensation, etc.).

  3. Establish a search strategy.
    Compile a list of target sources that will most likely to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include networking with industry contacts, executive level contacts and direct recruiting.

Phase 2 – Conduct the search

  1. Initial contact with potential candidates.
    Based on client`s specifications, contacts target list is compiled.

  2. Interviewing and qualifying of prospects.
    Discussion of specific credentials relevant to client requirements, career goals, and motivations.

  3. Checking professional references.
    Work history, character reference with different contacts that include direct supervisors, peers,customers and direct reports.

Phase 3 – Select the candidates

  1. List of qualified candidates presented.
    Presentation of a “short list” of qualified candidates.

  2. Manage client/candidate interviews.
    Coordinate logistics of interview process, including pre- and post-interview briefings with candidatesand clients.

  3. Assist you with selecting the final candidates.
    After interviews are completed, consult with client to decide on a “short list” of final candidates.

  4. Pre-offer preparation.
    Reconfirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer and start date availability. Confirm commitment to opportunity to ensure extended offer will result in acceptance.

Phase 4 – Extend offer and close deal

  1. Presentation of the offer to candidate.
    Presentation of offer, including: compensation (bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.) benefits, title, reporting structure, and start date.

  2. Facilitate any negotiation.
    While keeping client’s and candidate’s best interests in mind, we confirm the final agreement of terms.

  3. Acceptance of the offer.
    Obtain the signed offer letter. Discuss resignation process including verbal and written notice. Go over counter offer avoidance and possible outcomes.

  4. New hire follow up
    Resignation through successful transition and integration within new corporate environment.

Christopher J. Skalski


Chris is a founding member of Royal Search Partners, LLC going back to 2011. Since 2005, Chris has developed a nationwide network of executives and technical professionals within the industries of Mining, Chemicals, Industrial Manufacturing and Construction/Building Products.